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The Club pt 3 – Mary’s New Master

M. Mary arrived exactly on time as she had learned. She was surprised when Kevin told her she was now ready to leave his place and take her place with her new Master. This saddened Mary for she had come to have feelings for Kevin. But she had learned her training well and trusted Kevin as her Master. She knew he would choose a Master who she could trust also. Mary was told her Master would be arriving shortly and she was to go and prepare. As Kevin gave her instructions, he removed the bracelets from her wrists and ankles and removed the choker. It would be her new Master's place to put on what he wanted. As instructed, Mary went upstairs to her room. She took a quick shower, had an enema, wash and dried her hair and then put it up in French braids. She then put on the fresh blouse and skirt she found in the closet along with the black pumps. She remembered this was what she was wearing when she arrived. She looked and found on the dresser, the earrings she knew had to be there and put them on, This had to complete her wardrobe.
 She had just finished dressing when Lisa came to tell her that Master Kevin wanted to see her. Lisa smiled and gave Mary a big hug and told her how much she had enjoyed her being them and how happy she was that she was going to be getting a new Master.
 When Mary arrived in Kevin's office, she thought she would find her new Master there but he was not. Kevin went on to explain that he had enjoyed her being there for the training and was glad she had come through so nicely. Kevin went on to say that in preparation for her new Master, she was to unbutton her blouse and remove it from her skirt. This she did immediately. Kevin then told her to pull us her skirt in the back so that her ass was completely uncovered. Mary did not hesitate, however she felt that the first thing she was to know of her new Master was his cock in her ass. She was then informed to spread her legs and lean over the desk. She was also told to close her eyes and keep the shut until told otherwise. Mary did as she was told and stood there waiting. In only a moment, she felt the hands of new Master caressing her ass. He also stroked her hair. Mary almost wished it were down at this time. She them felt him caress and squeezed her breasts and twist her nipples to the verge of pain. He then bit the back part of her neck, squeezed both nipples and hard as he could and drove his cock up her ass. He continued driving his cock in and out. His biting on her neck turned to loving kissing and he hand on her breasts and nipples went to tender but firm caresses.
 Her new Master then withdrew and Kevin told her to turn around and raise her skirt in the front but not to open her eyes. It took a bit of doing, but Mary managed. As she leaned back against the desk, her new Master inserted his cock in her cunt and began to fuck her. In just a few moments, she realized that her new Master was not fucking her, he was making love to her. The first words Mary heard from her new Master, Jeff, was "You may come now" and she did. As she did, her eyes flew open even though she knew she would be punished for it later, hugged Jeff tightly and kissed him hard. Kevin went on to explain as Mary and Jeff continued their love making that Kevin also trained men who wanted to be Masters and this is what Jeff had been doing these past 6 months. Jeff then placed a golden bracelet on Mary's wrist and as he locked it in place said, "With this bracelet, I claim my slave",'s+delight+solitaire+games&url=